Leica TL 2 camera body 24mp (black or silver chrome) TL2

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Simple, powerful design meets power and precision

The new, second-generation Leica TL2 sets standards and takes this camera class into an entirely new dimension.
Speed, picture quality, and ease of handling characterize these intrinsic values and make a statement the like of which has never been seen before, and especially at this price-point. Make no Mistake. This is a real German Leica camera. 

Low light. Fast moving subjects. Travels light. Delivers details.
The new 24 MP APS-C sensor and the equally new Maestro II series processor of the Leica TL2 work together to expand your photographic horizons. There’s one thing you can always depend on, even in challenging lighting conditions: sharp and brilliant pictures.

The power to keep up with the speed of life
Both the continuous shooting function with up to 20 frames per second and video recording in fullHD or with 4K resolution show their ultimate strengths in moving pictures.

Resolution. Low-light performance. AF Speed. Render details like never before
The Leica TL2 captures your pictures with perfect sharpness and focuses automatically with impressive speed. With the top ranking performance in its class.

Designed in Germany as if made just for you
The high-resolution, 3.7" touchscreen display of the Leica TL2 provides access to the revised and restructured menu. The “MyCamera” function lets you set up your own, personalized menu – precisely configured for your own particular style of photography.

Leica's benchmark lens design and technology — Unrivalled
Exceptional imaging performance that’s visible in every picture: Leica has more than 150 years of experience in the development of precision optical instruments. The Leica TL2 benefits from this vast store of expertise and uncompromising dedication to perfection.

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