Pentax K-1 II, K1 II Full-Frame Camera

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NEW! the BEST K-1 ever! Improvements to the K-1 II include:

- A 2 stop high-ISO improvement thanks to new Accelerator Processor

- Now offering ISO 100 - 819,200

- Industry first, Hand-holdable Pixel-Shift Hi-Res Images! and more!

Throughout more than 50 years as a leading SLR camera manufacturer, PENTAX has always thought very seriously about this question, and developed the original technologies to provide good answers. It’s a history of never-ending innovation and evolution.

Based on its experiences and expertise accumulated over these years, PENTAX now has the final answer: a new 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera named PENTAX K-1 II. Proudly carrying the number “1” in its name, the K-1 II reigns as the flagship of the acclaimed PENTAX K series, replacing the original K-1.

36.4 effective megapixels and ISO 819,200

The K-1 II assures the highest level of resolving power and sensitivity

While inheriting PENTAX’s traditional compact, durable body design, the K-1 II adds essential values to the 35mm full-frame format, including state-of-the-art high-resolution technologies drawn from PENTAX’s development of medium-format models, an array of exclusive shooting features, and remarkable environmental adaptability in the field.

Five-axis, five-step camera shake compensation
Optimizing AE/AF operation even at –3EV illumination

The K-1 II overcomes challenging field conditions, such as poor weather, darkness and freezing temperatures.

True to its number-1 naming, the PENTAX K-1 II signifies the arrival of a new era in 35mm full-frame digital SLR cameras.

Smart Function,
Flexible Tilt-Type LCD monitor

Innovative shooting-support features to capture eye-catching masterpieces

Effective Pixels Approx. 36.40 megapixels
Total Pixels Approx. 36.77 megapixels
Compatible Lens KAF3, KAF2 (power zoom compatible), KAF, KA mount lens
Dimensions Approx. 136.5mm (W) x110mm (H) x 85.5mm (D) (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1010g (Including dedicated battery and SD Memory Card),Approx. 925g (body